Sylvano Tennis Academy

“Our coaches bring the energy, the knowledge, the experience, and the dedication.”

Discipline, Dedication, and Mental Toughness are the core beliefs of the academy. Our goal is to take every student and improve them. We give all our players attention and coaching with great coach-to-student ratio. Train to win!

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Sylvano Tennis Academy – Summer Tennis Camp 2017

* “We like Sylvano’s approach to training our son in tennis and the way he and his coaches are motivating the kids. It is a serious workout but our son likes to go to his practices and has improved his skills quite a bit during last year at this Academy.” – Ewa T.

* “Great training academy with coaches who are passionate about their students and make sure the students train hard to be able to compete! Train hard!!” – Sushma Chandrasekaran

* “I’ve been at Sylvano’s for a while now, and he is a great coach. He is always motivated and has a whole lot of energy to share. Ever since I joined, I’ve seen an improvement in my game. He will improve your game, your mentality, and your fitness, and is always there to help. I started out at the Challenger level when I recently started playing again, and in a few months I’m very close to being able to play in Opens. The other coaches are very kind, very helpful, disciplined, and most of all, will improve your game if you are willing to give your time and effort. I would absolutely recommend Sylvano’s academy to anyone who wants to substantially improve their game.” – Mihir D.



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