“Sylvano is the most passionate coach I’ve ever had, and I can’t thank him enough for his unconditional commitment to making his players better. STA is–without a doubt–the ideal environment for a competitive player with high goals and expectations!” – Roy Peleg

“I have both my kids training at Sylvano tennis academy for the last 4 years and have seen them making huge strides.. The coaches, including Sylvano, are very motivated and want the best for the kids training at the academy. They are very passionate and motivated about what the game – providing mental and technical tips on the game. Sylvano is very creative about his approach and constantly looks at ways to motivate the kids to give their best and at the same time pushes them to perform at their potential. I would definitely recommend this academy if you are looking to move your/your child’s game to the next level.” – Sushma Chandrasekaran

“We really like Sylvano Tennis Academy and my 13 yr. old son really enjoys the training. The coaches are knowledgeable and the kids are really nice. Having just relocated from Florida and missing our tennis family there, Sylvano Tennis Academy offers a really nice family culture which for us is a key part when finding a Tennis home. For us an academy has to have a family culture, tough constant coaching, live ball drills, sparring, fitness, and good energy. We are very happy so far.” – Christy M.

“Great academy with hard working, caring coaches who put in 150% to make students better and become champions. Train to Win!!” – Ayaka Okuno

“Great academy I am glad my kids joined.” – Nermine Karam Guirguis

“I’ve been with Sylvano Tennis Academy for just about a year now, and I noticed a huge change in my game since I first came. I’ve gradually been progressing through rounds at tournaments thanks to Sylvano and his coaches. The coaches here are caring, but tough. They work you hard because they want the best for you. I would also say that if you’re someone who needs disciplining and fitness, this is the place to go. Sylvano and his staff offer great tips on not just the physical game but the mental aspect as well. Thanks to the fitness and the coaches that push you to your limits, I feel like I’m playing a lot better than I did before I came to the Academy. Sure, sometimes I feel so tired I want to drop on the ground, but the coaches are encouraging and push you to your limits. Great academy. I’d recommend it to kids who need fitness and lots of training hours. I’m at Sylvano’s 9 hours a week plus a private lesson, and both the coaches and Sylvano are great coaches. They may seem tough, but they care for the kids. Sylvano watches my tournaments and gives me great tips to improve my game. I would recommend this academy to young tennis stars anywhere.” – Ryan K.

“We like Sylvano’s approach to training our son in tennis and the way he and his coaches are motivating the kids. It is a serious workout but our son likes to go to his practices and has improved his skills quite a bit during last year at this Academy.” – Ewa T.

“Great training academy with coaches who are passionate about their students and make sure the students train hard to be able to compete! Train hard!!” – Sushma Chandrasekaran

“I’ve been at Sylvano’s for a while now, and he is a great coach. He is always motivated and has a whole lot of energy to share. Ever since I joined, I’ve seen an improvement in my game. He will improve your game, your mentality, and your fitness, and is always there to help. I started out at the Challenger level when I recently started playing again, and in a few months I’m very close to being able to play in Opens. The other coaches are very kind, very helpful, disciplined, and most of all, will improve your game if you are willing to give your time and effort. I would absolutely recommend Sylvano’s academy to anyone who wants to substantially improve their game.” – Mihir D.

“Great place with amazing coaches who want to help you get better.” – Akshay Nagar

“Sylvano is one of the BEST coaches that I have ever encountered. He absolutely is passionate about tennis and the progress of his students. If you are serious about becoming a great tennis player, do contact Sylvano for world class instruction.” – Janet Carr

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