Sylvano Tennis Academy

In 1997 Sylvano Simone began teaching tennis professionally. My philosophy and coaching experience come from my days training at Nick Bolletteri Tennis Academy (for over 4 years), playing collegiate tennis, and playing the tennis circuit for 8 years. These experiences gave me the knowledge to develop champions at the junior level and produce college players for the past 18 years. Success comes from hard work, intensive training, and dedication to hours of training.

“Our coaches bring the energy, the knowledge, the experience, and the dedication.”

My motto: Discipline, Dedication, and Mental Toughness are the core beliefs of the academy. Our goal is to take every student and improve them. We give all our players attention and coaching with great coach-to-student ratio. Train to win!



Training Plan For Tennis Juniors

Creating the right tennis training plan for your child can be a difficult process. Designing and implementing such a plan takes an experienced and knowledgable team with a proven record in coaching juniors.

The tennis training program here is very similar to how top juniors in Europe train from the ages of eight to 14 years. The program consists of five major parts, each of which is crucial for the development of a nationally ranked tennis junior…



Visualization in Sports – Emotional and Physical Health – Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

Sports Psychology – Want to Visualize like Tiger?

Tiger Woods talks about his creative imagination, sports psychology and what happens to him when he is in PEAK STATE. He enters a state of unconsciously performing. ALL champion athletes enter this state. It’s about how often this happens that separates the CHAMPIONS from the boys…



Tennis Training Coach Dabul with Flor Urrutia soon D1 college player (Nadal, Federer, Murray drills)


The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey

It’s about much more than Tennis. It’s about how to get out of your own way so you can perform at your best. How to “get out of your head” so you don’t try to control your unconscious processes with your conscious mind. Kind of like a guide to zen for people who aren’t into all of the “zen-y” parts.

Every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game. The outer game is played against an external opponent to overcome external obstacles, and to reach an external goal.

It is the thesis of this book that neither mastery nor satisfaction can be found in the playing of any game without giving some attention to the relatively neglected skills of the inner game…



Boost Athletic Performance with these Sports Nutrition Supplements

Sports nutrition is the foundation of athletic success. It is a well-designed nutrition plan that allows active adults and athletes to perform at their best. It supplies the right food type, energy, nutrients, and fluids to keep the body well hydrated and functioning at peak levels…



Summer Tennis Camp – Spring Session Ongoing – UTR Tennis Players

Our Goal at the Academy is to Develop and Improve Each Student to Provide a Great Individual and Team Experience and Excellent Training! -Sylvano Simone


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