Sylvano Tennis Academy Programs

For Advanced and Intermediate Tennis Players

For players seeking intense training for USTA tournaments, preparation for school varsity tennis. Program Features: Direction and planning to become a top ranked player; Intensive high energy work outs to improve concentration and fitness; Mental and fitness training; Reinforce proper techniques and skills; Train with players similar age and skill levels.


Quick PRO Tennis Program

Transitioning group to Quick PRO group. 5-8 years old. Program Features: Learn transition from orange/green dot balls to yellow ball at an accelerated rate; Get coaching from pro coaches; Learn proper strokes and techniques; Prep for Future Pro group…


Future Pro Performance Group

Transitioning group to intermediate level, ages 8 – 12 years old. Program Features: Developmental planning: learn proper strokes, techniques, and mental toughness; Competitive group training: match play to prepare for challenger and open level tournaments, learn strategies; High energy drilling with official USTA tournament balls; Train with students your age and level; Fitness and movement drills…


Adult Tennis Program

For adults who play recreation tennis or compete in USTA leagues. Adult Performance program features:
Customized training (work on what you want); Advance in ratings; Group training for different levels; Hitting coaches for 5.0 – 5.5; Flexible scheduling (available: early morning, evening after work, and weekends); Singles and doubles training; 1-on-1 private lessons available.


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