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By combining classical tennis form and philosophy with innovative training techniques, the academy is able to achieve the highest level of tennis education. No aspect of the game is untouched. Mental, physical, and strategic training are all included in the curriculum. Sylvano Tennis Academy coaches also believe in forming a close bond with their students in order to support the growth of a great tennis player and an outstanding young adult…



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Building Confidence in Your Tennis Game


5 Reasons Why Players Lose Confidence in Their Game

Every single person on this planet has confidence issues somewhere in their life. Even Superman lacked self-confidence while being without his cape. However, for athletes wanting to raise themselves to the next level, they must overcome this barrier. In this article, I will list the most significant reasons which, I believe, cause athletes to lose assurance in their ability. I will than proceed to review strategies you can implement to conquer the roadblocks that are impeding your game…



Professional Athletes Use Cryotherapy for Faster Recovery and to Improve Athletic Performance

Cryotherapy is one of my favorite topics in sports science and sports medicine, and I’ve monitored updates in scientific research for a long time. After reading nearly 400 studies on thermotherapy and examining all of the variables, I’ve found using ice is still an enigma.

Mark Wahlberg and Floyd Mayweather Are Big Fans of Cryotherapy — But Is It Legit?

It sounds like it’s straight out of Austin Powers, but athletes are turning to cryotherapy to soothe their sore muscles…



Sylvano Tennis Academy – Summer Tennis Camp


*”This is a great program for a variety of ages and abilities. Sylvano and his coaches really care about the students, but also push them to train hard and develop a winning attitude and skill set. The coaching is excellent with a lot of individual attention through both private lessons and great coach-to-student ratios in the clinics.” – Jennifer Lloyd

*”Sylvano and his team are the best that I have come across. He and his team are like a family. He trains to win. We are so happy and fond of coach Sylvano, coach Danny and the entire team. Along with tennis, they teach you discipline, responsibility, accountability and more important make the kids develop a love for the sport. All I can say that we are blessed to have him.” – Hamesh Chawla

“Success comes from hard work, intensive training, and dedication to hours of training.” – Sylvano Simone



Summer Tennis Camp - Santa Clara

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