Summer Tennis Camp 2017 – Sylvano Tennis Academy

Junior Tennis Development

Quick PRO

Transitioning group to Quick PRO group. 5-8 years old. Learn transition from orange/green dot balls to yellow ball at an accelerated rate; Get coaching from pro coaches; Learn proper strokes and techniques, etc..



Future Pro Performance Group

Transitioning group to intermediate level, ages 8 – 12 years old. Developmental planning: learn proper strokes, techniques, and mental toughness; Competitive group training: match play to prepare for challenger and open level tournaments, learn strategies, etc…



High Performance Tennis Training

For players seeking intense training for USTA tournaments, preparation for school varsity tennis. Direction and planning to become a top ranked player; Intensive high energy work outs to improve concentration and fitness; Mental and fitness training, etc…



Sylvano Tennis Academy – Summer Tennis Camp 2017 Brochure:

Sylvano Tennis Academy – Summer Tennis Camp 2017

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Discipline – Dedication – Mental Toughness

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